Azalea is a project that promotes change, innovation and a more sustainable world committed to the environment. To achieve this, we need your help.
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Azalea is glad to present the companies and institutions which are helping us to create a better future. Thanks for investing in a brand new future vision of respect between the environment and society!

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Meet the more than 60 companies and institutions that participated with us in the previous project.

Media appearances

march 2019

"Remarkable construction, symbol of the valencian pre-industrial field. The Barraca comes back to life."

Las Provincias

march 2019

"The objective is that the Barraca will only be supplied with solar energy and that will be built ensuring the resource optimisation with passive strategies."

La Vanguardia

september 2018

"Azalea is designing every aspect of the house, searching for new ways of minimising the impact."


march 2018

"They recycle wine corks to isolate a sustainable house."

El Confidencial

june 2018

"The team decided to compete embracing the traditional Valencian culture"


may 2018

"The idea is to redesign a traditional building into a 21st century home."