Azalea UPV submits its first Deliverable

In recent weeks the team dynamics have been hampered by confinement, but this has not prevented us from working with the same enthusiasm. In the first week of April we sent the first of seven deliverables that will be evaluated by the Solar Decathlon Europe organisation. These documents contain every detail of the project that must be explained and developed in different sections, both the most technical aspects and other issues related to the communication strategies of the project. This deliverable is the first step to build our project. During the next months it will be revised and modified to bring the best possible version to Wuppertal.

We are celebrating!

The Azalea UPV Team is pleased to announce that we have been selected again to participate in the new edition of the Solar Decathlon 2021 competition, to be held in Wuppertal, Germany.

From now on we will put all our efforts to give life to Escalà. During these next two years, we will work very hard to advance in the design of a totally sustainable dwelling in the Valencian neighborhood of El Cabanyal, to demonstrate that a new model of environmentally committed dwelling is possible.

You will have more news about our project soon. Stay tuned!

Azalea participes at COP25

Thanks to the fact that we took part in the organisation of the climate hackathon organised by the UPV, we had the opportunity to travel to Madrid, where the the UN Climate Change Conference was held. There, we were able to present the conclusions obtained during this initiative which reflected on the carbon footprint that, individually, each of us produce in five specific areas: mobility, leisure and free time, clothing, food and the use of ICT and digital services.

However, our speech did not end there because several initiatives were also presented to reduce it, proposing small daily gestures. We asked ourselves about what faults there are in the current system so that the necessary measures to solve this problem are not applied. Not only the UPV took part, but also different groups of students from other universities, such as Deusto University in Santiago de Compostela or Jaume I University in Castellón, which exposed their different conclusions, thus putting in common our concern for climate change and the proposals to slow it down.

Escalà, the new project of Azalea UPV

After the great results of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition in Hungary, we are now facing a new challenge with the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021, which will be held in Germany, with the same energy but with more confidence after the achievements made.

We leave behind the Barraca and the Albufera, to go into the city of Valencia where we will focus this project, specifically in the district of El Cabanyal. It will be in this traditional fishing district where we will build our model of sustainable dwelling.

We will face this new challenge with a new team and a new image, but with the same energy to overcome the great achievements of the last edition. We will make Azalea UPV one of the greatest references when it comes to changing the way of life.

Smiles made out of Cork at Benimamet

On the occasion of the celebration of Benitroba't, part of the Azalea team moved to the Valencian town of Benimamet last Saturday May 5th. During the event, held in the morning in the open air, Azalea proposed workshops for the smallest people in the house based on the creation of custom boats and pots for the fridge made of plastic corks. The workshops which were very successful, served to raise awareness among children of the possibility and importance of the reuse of everyday products and their conversion into playful and ornamental elements. During the morning, the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribò also approached the Azalea stand to exchange impressions about the project. In the same way, the opportunity was used to promote the #Saveyourwinecork campaign a in a city that already has two cork collection points.

Azalea at H2ÖL

Last 25th of April, Azalea was invited to take part in an event organised by the beer hall H2ÖL, which works with handmade beer. This firm has been coordinating similar events with the concept of talks & beers, having invited other organisations.

Two team members explained the project in a fun way, presenting technical concepts in an understandable way for everybody. Besides, everybody there was encouraged to join the campaign #SaveYourWineCork. After the talk, a round table was opened where everybody could come closer and talk about Azalea’s Project.

In conclusion, thanks to H2ÖL, Azalea could touch with its project some citizens making them join the change Azalea and its “Barraca Valenciana” represent. #BePartOfTheChange

Azalea and Women’s Week

To honor women’s week, Azalea wanted to actively take part in developing some activities and publications during all the week speaking about women and their contributions to science.

Among them stands out a video in which team’s women appeared showing their testimonies and experiences as women investigators. Moreover, Azalea collaborated with Acció Jove Benimámet in an event with speeches to raise awareness about women’s rights.

For ending, Alina Marín, Student Leader of the team was invited to a “breakfast” about women and technology (Mujeres en el mundo de la tecnología). There she shared a morning with different important women from Valencia in various fields such as enterprises, undertaking or investigation.

In this way, Azalea made its contribution to this very important day in order to recognise women’s rights.

Azalea at “Ámbito Cultural El Corte Inglés”

Last Tuesday the 12th, a group of representatives of Azalea displayed the project and our campaign “Save Your Wine Cork” at the shopping center El Corte Inglés of Pintor Sorolla. This event was held inside the “Expoforum 2019: La Valencia Del Tercer Milenio”, which remembers the Exposición Regional Valenciana de 1909 and shows the changes that the city has suffered during this last 110 years.

Our representatives explained how Azalea’s idea of the Barraca Valenciana joins tradition with sustainability and comfort and it is a great solution for the rising lack of use of this type of house, which is so particular from our region.

For ending, we want to thank El Corte Inglés for their implication in our cork campaign gathering, because every help is welcome in order to be part of the change. #BePartOfTheChange

Azalea takes part in "La plaça canvia pel clima"

From October 15th to November 11th Valencia has made a great effort in the fight against climate change, organising 30 activities for citizens including workshops, events, speeches... This wonderful initiative ended with “La plaça canvia pel clima”, a playful and educational event that embraced projects from Valencia which defend and promote with their activities values related to ecology and sustainability.

Azalea was an active partner in this event with an informative stand about our project and our campaign: “Save your Wine Cork”, an initiative action which bets for sustainability, recycling and creating awareness in our community.

All in all, Azalea spent a pleasant Sunday morning talking and sharing ideas with citizens who stopped by and other organisations and cooperatives participating.

Plastic gathering with Bioagradables

BioAgradables is an activist volunteer collective which conducts periodically many activities of plastic gathering in beaches in order to raise awareness about the importance of reducing this material in our daily life.

Last Saturday, November 10th, Azalea and BioAgradables joined to assemble plastics and other waste from “El Saler” beach. During the morning cotton swabs, wipes, caps, ropes and more rubbish were found by the volunteers. Besides, a recount of each type of plastic was done in order to have data to future statistics. Those statistics enable us to know how many wastes reach our beaches, find the cause and act consequently.

There is still too much to be done, and the change begins in oneself. Avoid consuming one use plastics and recycling more will make the difference.