Azalea UPV Mapaton

    Escalà sin barreras arises to show the architectural barriers found in El Cabanyal neighbourhood.
In order to know how to proceed, the Azalea UPV team had to know first-hand the current situation of the neighbourhood; identify and classify the problems of accessibility in this area, as well as the main architectural barriers in El Cabanyal.
Going through the neighbourhood from north to south and from east to west, the team classified the main problems into: badly maintained pavements, isolated steps, junctions without pedestrian crossings or undifferentiated bicycle lanes, among others.
All this information was put together on an interactive map via Twitter which can be updated at any time and by anyone, identifying new barriers or updating the situation of those already notified using the hashtag #EscalaSinBarreras and the exact location of the point.
  • Itinerary

  • Street Furniture

  • Crossings

  • Tactile paving

  • Stairs and ramps