Urban Strategy and Mobility

Surrounded by the context of el Cabanyal neighbourhood and the city of Valencia, the project goes beyond the limits of the building. The street is conceived as an extension of the dwelling, giving great importance to the urban space. Processes are studied that promote sustainable mobility and the implementation of technology on a larger scale, in the direction of Smart Cities.


ESCALÀ: Tradition and Energy-Efficient

Escalà enhances the possibilities of the neighbourhood with the integration of clean energy, the reuse of resources such as water and the introduction of passive measures to reduce demand. One of the more characteristic elements is the Escalà, a space incorporated into the dwelling that acts as a thermal cushion, improving its energy performance, favouring cross ventilation, the integration of green elements and the natural lightning of the dwellings. Besides, it allows functional elements such as the access and the staircase to be located.


Interior Design and Social Impact

The interior design and organisation of the dwellings is studied from a social perspective. The organisation around a central core and the development of a multi-purpose area facilitate the flexibility and adaptability of the dwelling to the needs of its inhabitants. The space promotes housing equality and equity, paying special attention to the relationship of the dwelling with the urban space.


Our scalable solution is possible thanks to the neighbourhood's characteristic subdivision, a unique urban fabric that has been maintained for more than 500 years and comes from the old barracas that shaped El Cabanyal. Among these, the Escalà was respected, a distance aimed at preserving the roofs of the barracas and which has marked the evolution of the neighbourhood, also giving its name to our project.